Got Style?  You can’t be innovative, unique, or intriguing without it. J Shea fosters that in organizations and in individuals.  We encourage risks, challenge ideas, and never settle. Let us help you do the same.


We specialize in custom events for corporations, associations and individuals. Our passion is encouraging style through events, producing exciting, and creative productions that increase attendance, and leave a positive impression on each guest. We believe that in order for an event to be a success it has to be memorable, or in other words, “Everything but Ordinary”. Planning an event may not be rocket science, but there’s an art and style to the design of a great one.


Our wardrobe stylists have a true passion for helping women and men feel fantastic about the way they look. Individual style can be overwhelming. So many designers, so many stores, so many trends- where does one even begin? That’s where we come in- keeping style simple, and in turn, making each morning before work, brunch with friends and special occasion- easy.  With the hustle of every-day tasks, family, and jobs, our clients learn that they too can look perfectly put together, and in a very short amount of time.  We show the every-day-woman or man, that regardless of budget, everyone can have great style. From Target, to T.J. to Tory, we can all look great and feel even better.

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