“Style is something that each of us already has.  All we need to do is find it.”
– Diane Von Furstenberg

Having always been inspired by the transformative power of creativity and style, Jessica has made a personal passion her profession; launching J Shea in 2011. It’s with her meticulous attention to detail and enthusiasm for extraordinary experiences that has allowed Jessica to conceptualize, style and produce full-service, one-of-a-kind, custom events for corporations, associations, and individuals.

Jessica’s keen sensibility for creating curated looks and fresh experiences started at an early age, styling her friends from her own wardrobe and making childhood day-to-day events more memorable than most. Drawn to a creative environment, Shea worked with the Washington Redskins in the special events department at FedExField. From there, she took leading roles with the Health Industry Distributors Association and Talley Management Group, while getting her certification in meeting planning (CMP).

While knocking it out of the park in her professional career, there was an ah-ha moment to roll out her own personal styling business. Driven by the joy that comes with helping others empower themselves through fashion and design, Jessica now works with women of all ages and body types; giving them the tools needed to live and dress with confidence, comfort and ease.

Today, as the Founder & President of J Shea, Jessica has executed hundreds of corporate and personal events; in addition to working with numerous individuals to enhance their closets. 

When styling her clients and special events, she always keeps one goal in mind- “All class, with a little sass.” Consistently raising the bar, while respectfully understanding practicality and budget, is the name of her game.

Family first.  As the daughter of a college football coach, and an All-American college lacrosse player, Jessica knows a thing or two about hard work, reliability and dedication. Jessica is very involved in the community and event industry, volunteering her time to produce multiple events to raise money for industry foundations and charitable organizations. In addition to playing mom to 2, Jessica’s events have been featured in publications including BizBash, The Washingtonian, and Meetings & Conventions Magazine.